General Knowledge on Use of Self-service Banking

Know the restriction on withdrawn amount and number of withdrawal times

In general conditions, card-issuing banks usually determines the limit of total withdrawn cash in a single day, the maximum amount of a single sum of withdrawn cash, or the number of times of cash withdrawal every day at an ATM/CRS of their own bankcards according to the basic regulations of the People’s Bank of China. There are also restrictions on the amount of withdrawn cash and number of times of cash withdrawal in case of withdrawal beyond the borders with international cards. In case you urgently need a large amount of cash, please prepare them in advance, so as to avoid the embarrassed situation of failing to withdraw money.

How to prevent a card from being retained

1.        Make sure that the magnetic strip of the card you hold is not damaged and the validity term has not expired. If so, do not use the card hastily.

2.        After a transaction, promptly get back the card. 30 seconds after the transaction is finished, otherwise the ATM/CRS will automatically retain the card to prevent it from being picked up by other persons.

3.        Once a card is retained, please properly keep the slip printed by the ATM/CRS, then promptly go to the responsible bank outlet to get back your card with your valid personal documentation, and change the withdrawal password.

Keep the customer notice properly

No matter you use the card in the local place or a non-local place, please properly keep the customer notice at least until the account statement is mailed by the bank to you in the next month and the amounts are verified errorless. On the one hand, compare the customer notice with the account statement from the bank in details. In case repeated deduction is found, contact the bank promptly for solution; on the other hand, do not discard a customer notice printed by the ATM/CRS at random, so as to avoid the disclosure of key information such as the card number and the validity term of the bankcard.

Remain sufficiently vigilant

Pay attention to see whether there is any extra device at the ATM/CRS, such as a camera. Remain vigilant when you see an Urgent Message requiring you to provide the password.

The payment in the manner of authorized deduction is recommended to guarantee the safety of transactions. In case you directly pay for a credit card at an ATM/CRS, please carefully check the number of account to which the money is transferred.