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    • In January 2011, won the "Credit card business customer satisfaction" Award in the “360 bank evaluation” activity held by Bank rate website.
    • In January 2011, won 2010 annual "volunteer force" award granted by China Youth Development Foundation.
    • In February 2011, GF Faith Platinum Card won the "Fashion Credit Cards-Exquisitely Charming Award" of financial management fashion billboard released by Boutique Shopping Guides.
    • On February 25, 2011, GF Bank and China Express jointly issued the first domestic co-branded credit card integrating double returns for refueling and consumption, i.e., GF & China Express Co-Branded Card. The insider believed that this cooperation marked that GF Bank has launched a new offensive on car-owner credit card field, and has been another important strategic deployment of GF Bank on the active development of co-branded cards for traveling merchants.
    • On March 8, 2011, as a contribution to women's day, Faith card proceeded for upgrades for the third time, "Lady Club" Faith Club was formally established, and all GF Faith card users will automatically be upgraded to "Lady Club" Faith Club members, which marked that GF "Faith Card" users will enjoy more comprehensive and diversified services.