Brief Introduction to Functions

GF Credit Card is the first standard credit card in the country. The credit line is preset for the card according to international standards. The cardholders consume first and then repay the fund. No pre-deposit is required. Overdrawn consumption and cash withdrawal are available according to the credit line. The interest-free period for overdrawn consumption can be up to 50 days. In case a cardholder repays in full before the maturity date according to the stipulations of our bank, he/she is entitled to the interest-free treatment from the date of the transaction to the maturity date. The repayment form is flexible. The cardholder can repay in full, or repay the lowest repayment amount, enjoying the circulative credit, and managing the money more freely.

Nationwide Network, Universal around the World

GF Credit Card can proceed consumption in the domestic places with "China UnionPay" logo or in over more than 100,000 merchants networking with the Bank, and withdraw money in more than 37,000 automatic teller machines (ATMs). GF foreign currency card and dual-currency card can even be used in more than 300 countries and territories; GF RMB card can proceed consumption overseas in the merchants with "China UnionPay" logo and withdraw local currency from ATMs.

Preferential Program for Consumption

GF Bank regularly launches "Reward points program" and "Merchant discount scheme" to make every consumption have returns, and meanwhile to make you enjoy exclusive discounts. On festivals, GF Bank will even offer wonderful concession projects to double profit you.

Interest-Free Installment Payment Service for Mail-Orders

GF Card provides high-quality products to customers at economic prices, and provides to customers the interest-free installment payment service of up to 12 months. You can pay several hundreds yuan only for owning a product valued at several thousands yuan, so your dream can come true in advance.

Instant SMS

To ensure the safety of funds, each of your transactions over 300 will receive a free SMS alert, timely informing you of the account changes for your total peace of mind with this card. If you need the short-message reminding service for all your transactions, dial 95508 for opening the service. The cost is only RMB 3 per month.
Instant SMS will be sent through the port 95508 (for China Mobile/China Telecom users) or 10655020288 (for China Unicom users), and the SMS text is "Your card with the last four digit as XXXX is spending RMB xxxx Yuan at XX (hour) XX (minute) on XX (date), ...", please note.

Full-Amount Security Guarantee against Card Loss 48 Hours before Loss Reporting

It is the card use security guarantee provided by GF Banks for customers. Our customers, within a certain range, need not take losses incurred within 48 hours of credit card theft before reporting lost, and the guarantee value is as high as the full amount of the credit limit! Click here to learn GF Card Security Guarantee against Card Loss 48 Hours before Loss Reporting

24-Hour High-Quality Customer Service

24-hour service hotlines numbered 95508 and + (86) 20-87310029 are especially set up for GF Card customers all the year round, and faster and more considerate services can be provided. On-line services include introduction of GF Card services, inquiry about bills, information about preferential treatment to customers, startup of a GF Card, adjustment of the credit line, on-line instant loss reporting, modification of data, and claim of gifts with reward points, etc. A customer only needs to dial the telephone numbers, and various requirements in the use of the GF Cards can be properly handled.

Convenient and Fast Services for Traveling Merchants

Just dial GF card free private line service (PLS) for traveling merchants: 400-619-9819, you may book air ticket and hotel in priority, and you may even enjoy free ticket delivery service.