Brand Description

The GF Credit Card, issued by the Guangdong Development Bank in 1995, was the first genuine credit card in China, and also the first credit card to realize profits. The GF Credit Card has always upheld the service philosophy of "giving you more and looking further ahead for you", is oriented towards customer demands, and leads China's credit card market through innovations and market segmentation. As of June 2010, the number of cards issued has exceeded 10 million, forming a "GF Credit Card model" which clearly reflects the synchronous development of "quality" and "volume", and turning the GF Credit Card into a renowned brand among credit cards. The GF Credit Card has received various awards such as "World/China's Top 10 Most Trusted Bank Card", "China UnionPay Standard Credit Card Market Expansion Award" and "Asia-Pacific Best Customer Service Award". In 2010, the credit balance of GF Card exceeded 30 billion RMB, its profit growth rate exceeded 80%, its net profits led the credit card industry, its newly-increased nonconformance rate all year round was below 1%, and its active rate, average card income and average card profit were all ahead of the industry.