Hot Cards Recommended
CGB Exclusive Platinum Credit Card CGB IQ 300 Credit Card
  • Exclusive exemption from costs
  • Airport green channel
  • Green channel for seeking medical advice

  • Return of charge amount of 180 yuan for smart spending
  • Smart spending enjoys multiple bonus points
  • Smart bonus points redeem charge amount
CGB Lady Credit Card CGB Car Owner Credit Card

  • Triple bonus points for optional merchant type
  • Presentation of optional insurance
  • Lady club

  • Return of 1% in chase or bonus points by five times for refueling by swiping card
  • Free presentation of high-amount accident insurance
  • Free presentation of roadside assistance service

New Cards Recommended
CGB Ctrip Credit Card CGB Vigour Credit Card

  • 1 Ctrip bonus point for spending of 2 yuan by swiping card
  • Free handling fee for withdrawing cash in places other than the place where the card is opened
  • Reward for business travel booking

  • Exclusive priority to book the site
  • Exclusively enjoy free membership activity
  • Enjoy bonus points by five times in renown shops