Basic deposit account

Service Description

The basic deposit account is the host account for transfer settlement, cash receipt and payment. Opening the basic deposit account is a precondition for opening other bank settlement accounts.


Current capital receipt and payment of business and withdrawal of wage, bonus, and cash can be handled by the account.

Application Scope

Corporate legal person, unincorporated businesses, organizations, institutions, regiment-level (inclusive) army and armed police units, social organizations, private non-enterprise organizations, the Party/League/trade union, non-local permanent establishment, foreign institutions in China, individual industrial & commercial households, neighborhood committees, village committees, district committees, and other organizations can open basic deposit accounts in the bank.

Application Conditions

The depositor shall fill out the Application for Opening an Account and the RMB Account Management Agreement, and provide the following materials of certification (the original is needed for verification) when applying for opening a basic deposit account.
1.Corporate legal person shall issue the original business license of legal person; unincorporated businesses shall issue the original business license of the enterprise. 2.Authorities and institutions under budget management shall issue approval or registration from the personnel department or establishment committee of the government, or certificate of financial sector’s agreement; non-budget management institutions shall issue approval or registration certificate from government personnel or establishment committee. 3.Regiment-level (inclusive) units of the Army, Armed Police and decentralized duty branch teams (sub-teams) shall issue the certificate of opening account by financial sectors of the corps-level units of the army and Armed Police Corps. 4.Social organizations shall issue registration certificate, and religious organizations shall issue the documents of approval or certificate by the Management of Religious Affairs. 5.Private non-enterprise organizations shall issue private non-enterprise registration certificate. 6.Non-local permanent organizations shall issue the documents of approval by the local competent government department. 7.Foreign institutions in China shall issue the documents of approval or certificate by relevant national authorities; foreign representative offices shall issue registration certificate by the national registration authorities. 8.Individual industrial and commercial households shall issue the original business license. 9.Neighborhood committees, village committees, and district committees shall issue the documents of approval or certificate. 10.Subsidiary bodies of independent accounting shall issue the permit or approval of the basic deposit account by competent authorities. 11.Other organizations shall issue the document of approval or certificate by the competent government authorities. 12.Tax payers in production and operation business shall issue tax registration certificate by the taxation authorities (referring to the State Taxation registration or the Local Taxation registration certificate); in case such certificate is not available by relevant regulations, it is not a must. 13.In case the depositor has organizational code, he/she shall provide the certificate of code; in case the depositor has superior law person or competent unit, he/she shall provide its business license and permit of opening the basic deposit account.