Corporation Overdraft

Service Overview

Corporate overdraft account refers to the service that the bank provides the enterprises with short-term financing and settlement convenience within the defined account and limit in an overdraft form after the enterprises have been granted the credit line by the bank.


1.      Compared with the general working capital loans, the formalities for the corporation overdraft are simple and meet the customers’ needs for temporary capital turnover.

2.      It enhances the enterprises’ financial management level, reduces the invalid idle funds, and improves the cost-effectiveness of funds.

Business Process

1.      Submission of application. Customers shall apply to the bank, and submit the Application Form for Corporation Overdraft and the relevant materials required by the bank.

2.      Pre-loan appraisal. The bank will check the legitimacy, safety and profitability of the applicant’s credit registration and application, and verify the collateral, hostage and the guarantor’s status to form the appraisal comments.

3.      Signing of contract. After verification and approval by the bank, customers will sign an Account Overdraft Contract and other related guarantee contracts with the Bank.

4.      Implementation of guarantee. After signing the Account Overdraft Contract with the bank, customers must implement the third-party guarantee, pledge, mortgage and other guarantees, and go through such formalities as guarantee registration, notarization or collateral insurance, and hostage delivery and deposit to the bank, etc.