Gold exchange


CGB has the financial membership and the qualification of settlement bank of Shanghai Gold Exchange and may engage in self-owned and agent spot trading of gold as well as T+D extension transaction relying on spot transactions.

Self-support business refers to the transaction by CGB’s dealers, within their authorization scope, to perform purchase and sale operation in the market of Shanghai Gold Exchange (hereinafter referred to as SGE for short) at the settlement rate of T+0 to get returns on price difference.

Consignment business refers to the operational activities such as gold exchange on agency basis, capital settlement and gold delivery by CGB participating in the business of SGE and entering SGE as a member.


1.The customer may participate in the spot transaction of noble metals in SGE through CGB at a lower cost; 2.T+D transaction on agency basis, introducing the short mechanism, adopts the mode of two-way transaction, which means that the customer can make profit through purchase at lower price and sale at higher price, thus increasing the number of channels and further satisfying the investment of the customer.

Conditions for application

All legal persons of enterprises in China may submit applications to CGB according to relevant regulations of SGE.

Business Flow

If a customer applies for gold consignment, he/she has to open a settlement account at a branch of CGB. The customer has to provide relevant information for opening such account. After SGE verifies the information, it will provide the customer with transaction code, which will become effective on the next business day. Then the customer may consign CGB to make transaction and take delivery of goods. The customer may request to withdraw the transaction at any time prior to the completion of transaction consignment and withdraw the transaction via phone in case of emergency.