Spot foreign exchange transactions


It refers to the transaction of exchanging one foreign currency into another, in which the vendor and purchaser agree to mutually pay each other the cash position purchased after the transaction as per the foreign exchange spot market price.


1.Diverse currencies: Subject to relevant regulations by the SAFE, the exchanging of nine currencies, including USD, HKD, JPY, Euro, GBP, SF, AUD, SGD, CAD and SEK is available in our bank. 2.Simple procedures: The customer may only carry his/her valid identity documents and fill out relevant documents to finish final settlement.

Exchange rate of FX trade

The trade price shall be subject to the trade price at each branch of CGB.

Exchange transaction rate

The realized price shall be subject to the realized price at each branch of CGB.


If an American customer, holding USD 5,000, exchanges the USD into HKD at the rate of 7.7504 with our bank, the customer will receive: USD 5,000 × 7.7504 = HKD 38,752.

Service Channel

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Kind Reminders

Valid identity documents include the following: ID card (PRC. citizen), household register (PRC. Citizen younger than 16), certificate of military personnel (PLA), identity documents of armed police (Chinese Armed Police Force), Passport for Hong Kong and Macao (residents in Hong Kong and Macao), Entry Permit of Taiwan Residents to the Mainland (residents in Taiwan) and passport (foreign citizens and Chinese citizens with passports).

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