Spot RMB-FX trading


It refers to the transaction, in which a bank buys/sells foreign exchanges of an enterprise, institution or individual at the spot rate in the sale and purchase of foreign exchange on that date and pays/receives RMB


1.Diverse currencies: Subject to relevant regulations by the SAFE, the RMB-FX trading of nine currencies, including USD, HKD, JPY, Euro, GBP, SF, AUD, SGD, CAD and SEK are available in our bank. 2.Broad scope: Chinese customers or customers from other countries may transact settlement of exchange at CGB with foreign currencies or deposits from foreign exchange account or purchase foreign exchange with relevant certificates and evidentiary materials required by the SAFE. 3.Simple procedures: Only the legal identity documents of a person are needed for transaction of total foreign exchange purchased annually that equals to or below USD 50,000. All of our several hundreds of business outlets may provide the customers with RMB-FX trading services, which makes such business very easy.

Conditions for application

The spot RMB-FX trading transacted by the customers shall comply with regulations on management of RMB-FX trading by the SAFE.

RMB-FX trading exchange rate

The RMB/FCY exchange rate released on the website of CGB may be taken as reference. The trade price shall be subject to the trade price at each branch of CGB.


If Company A receives USD 1,000,000 as payment of exported goods and it transacts spot RMB-FX trading with CGB, the USD will be exchanged into RMB at the spot rate of 6.8220 and Company A will get: USD 1,000,000 × 6.8220 = RMB 6,822,000.

Service Channel

Business Outlets

Kind Reminders

1.The exchange rate may change from time to time. Please make your transaction within valid time. Once the transaction is made, it will become irrevocable. 2.Part of the currencies is transacted at certain business outlet. Refer to the local branch for details.

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