Off Shore Banking Business

Product Introduction

Off-Shore Banking Business refers to an overseas financial business including foreign exchange depositing, foreign exchange buying and selling, inter-bank foreign exchange borrowing and lending, international settlement, consulting and witnessing, in which CGB, according to international practices, directly accepts the savings of non-residential customers, and provides non-residential customers with commercial bank businesses, and bank services such as financing and financial management planning.

Product Features

1.The customers are non-residential customers such as the legal persons of overseas enterprises, and overseas natural persons;

2.Our bank implements the free foreign exchange policy, in which funds can be appropriated and transferred freely;

3.Our bank keeps customer secrets confidential and ensures customer fund safe according to international practices;

4.Interest rate marketization: Our bank determines its interest rates by referring to the international financial market;

5.The manner of domestic control and overseas operation provides related enterprises at home and abroad with fund support in a handy way.

Our Commitments

1.The interest income tax is exempted; the Chinese government exempts the savings of off shore customers from the interest income tax;

2.The foreign exchange management system is relatively loose; reasonable tax evasion and foreign exchange regulation evasion are possible;

3.The centralized management of offshore and onshore accounts boosts capital settlement efficiency and lowers financial costs;

4.CGB especially provides customers with the “offshore savings pledge/RMB credit granting for foreign businessman invested enterprises in China” business, realizing the interaction of offshore and onshore foreign exchange businesses.