Working Capital Loan in FX

Product Introduction

Working Capital Loan in FX refers to a loan granted by our bank to the applicant for capital accommodation, directly by means of sight foreign exchange, according to the borrowing contract our bank signs with the borrower, and such application documents submitted by the borrower as the certificate of indebtedness within the line.

Service Object

Production enterprises that export commodities, enterprises that can directly or indirectly create foreign exchange income, or enterprises and institutions that has the need for foreign exchange expenditure.

Product Advantages

1.Within the contract term and maximum line, the line can be used circularly; there is no limitation on using times and accumulated amount.

2.For an enterprise of which the foreign exchange income and expenditure are balanced, the manner of sight sigh exchange paying back for exchange borrowing can avoid losses caused by the variation of the exchange rate.

3.It is a loan with a floating interest rate. Our bank can grant the loan at a discounting interest rate and with flexible conditions according to our bank’s own business costs and the applicant’s comprehensive conditions.

Application Conditions

1.The borrower must have had the statutory capital in place on time and in full amount. There is no capital reduction or cancellation. The borrower shall be an independent legal person and have foreign exchange borrowing qualifications, a sound organizational structure, and a financial management system. 2.The borrower has opened a sight foreign exchange settlement account at our bank, having a good bank record and enterprise credit standing.

3.Our bank agrees to grant the loan, signs a lending contract, guarantee contract or pledge contract with the customer;

4.The applicant has a corresponding guaranty or pledge, or other guarantee provisions approved by our bank, and has submitted the application documents that meet the requirements of the foreign exchange capital loan business of our bank.

5.Other conditions required by the foreign exchange management department.

Business Procedure

1.The customer submits the loan application form to our bank, and submits guarantee proving documents;

2.Our bank examines the customer’s application documents, and decides whether or not to grant the loan;

3.Our bank agrees to grant the loan, signs a lending contract, guarantee contract or hypothecation contract with the customer;

4.Foreign exchange loan registration and contract notarization procedures are processed;

5.Our bank releases the loan and collects the interest.