Cash Management Business

Service Overview

By benefiting from experience of domestic and international advanced banks for the cash management business and integrating relevant corporate business products, CGB launches the cash management business as one of the key businesses.

The so-called cash management service means that CGB utilizes its own network system, integrates the traditional settlement service, investment and financing service, financial management and other financial products and services and provided the customized comprehensive solutions for different customers, in order to help customers to effectively predict, monitor and manage their working funds, increase the fund benefits, reduce idle funds and lower financial risks. It covers five major aspects, i.e. collection, payment, liquidity management, investment and financing management and account management.

The cash management products of CGB are continuously optimized and improved. A series of practical cash management solutions have been established to meet the demands of the group company, which can achieve the target balance management for the accounts of subsidiary companies through the uniform management of the group and the internal fund allocation to help the group reduce the financial cost and increase the usage rate of funds. By the end of December 2009, the number of customers of cash management has exceeded 26300, the number of group customers has reached 200, the number of online transactions has reached 1,950,000, and the amount of fund managed has reached 777.2 billion yuan. We offer the cash management service to such famous domestic and foreign large-and-medium-sized enterprises as Wall-Mart (China) Investment Co., Ltd., Yum! Restaurants China (Guangdong) Co., Ltd., GF Securities Co., Ltd., SGGF, Beijing Gome Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd., BUCC, Guangdong Logistics Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. GuangHong Assets Management Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Iron and Steel Group.

In Apr. 2010, the cash management system of CGB was successfully launched on the Internet. Through the client end and the bank end of the cash management system, the ERP or financial systems of the clients can be directly connected to the core business system of the bank. Four main functional modules are provided, including payment settlement, information service, relationship management, and optimization and regulation, thus providing support for making decisions on fund management to enterprises. As the functions of the cash management system is becoming varied and complete day by day, for constantly meeting the individualized requirements of clients, CGB will provide cash management solutions with CGB features, be devoted to the construction of a leading brand of cash management business, and promote the core competitive power for corporate business.