HaoRongTong SME Program—solving the problem of financial resources for small and medium enterprises as soon as possible

HaoRongTong SME Program is a standard financing solution especially designed by CGB for small and medium enterprises. There are comprehensive innovations in the access standards and approval procedures. The solution is more objective, more efficient, more flexible, more flexible, and closer to small and medium enterprises.

With 12 assessment indexes, the high-efficiency review and approval within five working days, the maximum credit line up to 50%, and the longest repayment period of up to 10 years, the HaoRongTong SME Program can effectively meet the financing requirements of small and medium enterprises and support the growth of small and medium enterprises with professional services.

More objective assessment on enterprises

In the light of characteristics of small and medium enterprises, the restriction of financial indexes is broken through. CGB pays more attention to the credit records of the enterprises and the industrial experience of the management, so as to make assessments of enterprises in a more objective way. Good records such as integrity, industrial experience, credit record, growth, and public praise from upstream and downstream customers can make enterprises obtain high credit rating.

Easier guarantee terms

More than 20 kinds of collateral are acceptable, such as house property, land, machinery equipment, raw material, finished product, warehouse warrant, tax refund for exports, deposit receipt of home currency and foreign currency, offshore deposit, stand-by L/C, usufruct, right to charge, guarantee of guarantee company, enterprise guarantee, credit insurance policy, life insurance policy, government security, convertible bond, accounts receivable, equity, trademark right, and patent.

More attractive credit financing

With their own development potentiality, profitability, credit records, and experience of the management, enterprises can obtain the unsecured loan facility provided by CGB. CGB can grant credit up to RMB 25 million to enterprises at the highest ratio of 1:1 according to the operation conditions of enterprises.

More flexible allocation of facility

With more business varieties and more flexible credit line allocation, the financing facility can be flexibly regulated between working capital credit products and 60% of the sub-facility of medium- and long-term loans can be allocated at maximum, thus meeting financing requirements for purchasing equipment, constructing factory buildings, and purchasing commercial properties of enterprise.

More efficient review and approval

After the complete materials for applying for loans are submitted, in case the requirements of the loan policies of CGB are met, and the enterprise has the capacity to repay the principal and pay the interest of the loans on schedule, the credit granting can be reviewed and approved within five working days.