Gold Agency

Business Introduction

The stability and safeness of gold enables it to become the world’s best tool for resisting inflation, maintaining value and making investment. In order to meet the needs of various investors, CGB has opened the gold buying and selling business on agency basis after being approved by related authorities.


1.        Highly Investable: With the unique characteristics of gold; suitable for investors to buy at a low price and sell at a high price, making instant profits.

2.        Easy to Cash and to Circulate: It can be immediately bought back by an outlet agent designed by CGB, which facilitates investors to cash and circulate.

3.        Highly Safe: It is easy to store and keep, not affected by natural disasters or turmoil.

4.        Value Maintainable: It can be used to resist inflation risks, and maintain its “golden” value forever.


1.        Buying-in Procedure:

(1)       The buyer goes to a buying and selling (on agency basis) outlet of CGB.

(2)       The buyer fills out the Buying Application Form

(3)       The operator inputs buy-in quantity directive, CGS standard gold bar sales price at that time and processing charge (RMB xxx /ounce)

(4)       The buyer pays

(5)       The operator prints out the purchase completion confirmation voucher.

(6)       After the gold bar is verified by the buyer and seller, the buyer takes the gold bar of CGS standard.

(7)       The transaction is now completed.

2.        Selling-out (Buying-back) Procedure

(1)       The seller goes to a buying and selling (on agency basis) outlet of CGB.

(2)       The seller fills out the Repo Application Form

(3)       The buyer verifies the gold bar.

(4)       The operator prints out the repo completion confirmation voucher

(5)       The operator hands over the repo payment to the seller, who signs the voucher for confirmation.

(6)       The transaction is now completed.