Third-Party Custody

Business Introduction

Third-party custody of transaction settlement funds of the customers of the securities company (hereinafter referred to as third-party custody) refers to that according to related stipulations of the Securities Act, a commercial bank as an independent third party establishes detailed customer’s transaction settlement fund records for the customers of the security company, and implements the orientated transfer of customer’s transaction settlement funds via money transfer between the commercial bank and the security company, so as to monitor the safety of customer’s transaction settlement funds.

Business Features

1.Third-party custody of security funds makes the funds safe.

2.Multi-channel network service makes transaction convenient and fast.

3.The system boasts stable performance, complete functions, and advanced technology.

4.Individual transactions and institutional transactions are processed separately, so as to provide customers with professional service experience.


1.The customer goes to the custody bank designated by the security company. The customer carried his/her ID card and security account card to a counter of the business department of the security company to open a deposit margin account, designate CGB as the fund custody bank, and sign corresponding Agreement of Bank Custody of Customer’s Transaction Settlement Funds between China Guangfa Bank and XX Security Company (hereinafter referred to as the Custody Agreement).

2.The customer goes to CGB to establish the custody relation. The customer goes to a counter of a business outlet of our bank with his/her ID card, Licaitong card issued by CGB, and the Custody Agreement signed by the business department of the securities company to handle the custody bank confirmation procedure, establish a custody relation, and activate the function of fund transfer from our bank to the security company.