Trust Program

Business Introduction

Trust is an institutional arrangement of property management for other’s interests or a specific purpose, i.e. “Wealth Management Based on Trust”. By utilizing trust principles, a person (the trustor) can, under the condition that he/she is incapable of or unwilling to manage his/her properties by himself/herself, transfer the property right to a person who is capable of managing the properties (i.e. the trustee), and instruct the trustee to use the trusted properties and their earnings for the interests of himself/herself or a third person (the beneficiary).

Business Features

1.Trust has the characteristics of capital financing

2.Trust manner is flexible and highly adaptable

3.Trusted properties are unique

4.Trust earnings are stable, far higher than the bank interest rate of time deposit; trust is an ideal substitution for time deposit

5.The issuing and running of the state trust program provides strict supervision, effectively protecting the interests of investors

6.As a new investment and wealth management product, the trust program will become your best choice for medium and long-term low-risk investment products in your portfolio.