Service Overview

The transaction fund trusteeship service refers to a  trusteeship service that because of distrusting with each other, two transaction parties entrust the bank to keep the transaction fund and the relevant documents such as certificate of interest, and CGB will, upon authorized by both parties, assist to finish the transaction fund transfer and the warrant exchange in accordance with the agreement after both parties fulfill the transaction contract and meet the agreed requirements. This service mainly applies to the commodity trade, stock right transfer, merger and acquisition, and debt restructuring, etc.

Cooperation/ Service Subject

The cooperation / service objects include corporate customers or high-end individual customers that need the truest bank to offer the credit intermediary and payment intermediary services during such transactions as commodity trade, stock right transfer, merger and acquisition, and debt restructuring, etc.


1.      Asset custody: To open custody account to keep the trust funds and the relevant assets.

2.      Fund clearing: To go through fund payment according to the valid instructions and the supervision standard as stipulated in the trusteeship agreement.

3.      Investment supervision: To supervise the purpose of the funds in accordance with the trusteeship agreement.

4.      Information disclosure: To disclose the trust funds-related information to the customer in time.

5.      Value-added service: To offer all-round financial services and other services that shall be offered by CGB in accordance with the trusteeship agreement for the customers.


1.      First-class technical support: The shareholder Citibank provides us with the global trusteeship network resources and the trusteeship operation platform system with top technology support in the world.

2.      Mature trusteeship system: Professional financial industry system solutions are adopted, which are of leading level in China in respect of technical level, professional degree, accuracy and stability.

3.      Advanced operation idea: In light of the global trusteeship service experience and the operation mode of the shareholder Citibank, we own the most advanced operation idea in China and have strong innovation ability for the establishment of the integrated trusteeship service both at home and abroad.

4.      Professional trusteeship service team: We have excellent trusteeship business team and high-quality trusteeship talents, so as to offer professional trusteeship services for the customers.

5.      High-efficiency clearing and settlement system: We offer high-efficiency and fast fund clearing services via all kinds of direct clearing networks and professional clearing systems, so as to guarantee timely, accurate and safe clearing for trusted funds.

6.      Sound internal control supervision system: With strict supervision procedure, tight operation risk control framework and sound internal control supervision system, we can effectively guarantee the safety of the trusted funds and the transaction of our customers.

7.      Personalized trusteeship service: We can provide customized trusteeship service program for customers, so as to meet various requirements.

8.      Extensive customer resources: With extensive customer relationship, we have owned a number of business partners with whom we cooperate closely for a long term. The assets trusteeship business mode under the cooperation is mature.

9.      Strong marketing capacity: Relying on our abundant outlet resources nationwide and a large number of professional customer managers, we can offer effective marketing cooperation and support services.

10.    Comprehensive value-added service: We offer comprehensive financial services in terms of credit, financing and investment banking, according to customer requirements.