CGB Foreign Exchange Transaction

Product Introduction

It refers to the firm offer foreign exchange buying and selling in which our bank exchanges a currency into another for the customer according to the exchange rate on the international financial market, so that the customer can conveniently select a deposit currency and exchange foreign exchange, and avoid the risks in exchange rate.

Business Features

1.Networked Quotation: It is updated instantly according to prices on the international financial market and collectively quoted on our nationwide network, which ensures that our customers can make the same deal at different locations.

2.Low Operating Risks: The transaction exposure is under the unified supervision of the head office and is also squared externally. It greatly saves manpower and material resources, and reduce operating risks to the maximum extent.

3.Supporting 4 Trade Manners: It supports telephone trade, Internet trade, self-service trade and counter trade, and ensures that our customers can made Internet trades and telephone trades 24 hours a day, which facilitates trading by our customers to the maximum extent.

4.Our bank also provides such entrustment manners as market price entrustment, set price entrustment, and loss stopping entrustment; the effective entrustment time can be up to 7 days, helping our customers in bidirectional risk hedging;

5.Complete Trade Currencies: They include USD, HKD, JPY, EUR, GBP, AUD, CAD, and CHF.

Processing Conditions

Customers who meet the stipulations of related policies.

Trade Price

The actual trade price of this business is set according to the instant actual trade price.

Business Procedure

1.Carrying with his/her valid ID card, the customer goes to a business outlet of CGB to fill out the CGB New Foreign Exchange Kit Business Account Opening Application Form, and to sign the CGB New Foreign Exchange Kit Customer Agreement, and then the customer can have a CGB New Foreign Exchange Kit account.

2.If the customer entrusts an agent to process the account opening procedure, the agent shall provide the original copy and a Xerox copy of the agent and the customer, as well as the letter of attorney signed by the customer.

3.For related management stipulations, please refer to the 109 [2001] Stipulations of China Guangfa Bank on the Management of the Foreign Exchange Kit Business issued by CGB.

Service Channels

Telephone trade, Internet trade, self-service trade and counter trade.

Kind Reminders

1.The New Foreign Exchange Kit account provided by China Guangfa Bank is an All-in-One account that involves various trade products; the customer can make trades immediately after he/she has transferred a deposit into his/her account, and enjoy the benefit of equal price between foreign exchange and bank note.

2.The threshold is JPY 10 or HKD 100; there is no threshold for other currencies; there is no extra charge or service charge.

3.If the amount of a single trade of a customer reaches a certain level, the customer can enjoy a preferential quotation service at different levels, which makes the price more competitive.

4.The value date adopts the “T+0” manner, i.e. the currency bought in (sold out) by a customer on a date can be sold out (bought in) by the customer on the same date, and there is no limitation on the trade times.