Personal Demand Deposit

Brief Introduction

Personal demand deposit is a flexible form of saving that has no definite term, allows depositing and withdrawal at any time and sets no limit on the amount deposited or withdrawn.


1.Suitable for all customers.

2.You can deposit or withdraw money at any time through simple formalities.

3.Fund utilization is more flexible.

Minimum deposits


Term of deposits


Interest rate

1.The interest accrued on RMB demand deposits is settled once a quarter according to the interest rate announced by the People’s Bank of China for demand deposits and the actual number of deposit days. 2.Interest will be calculated by period if interest rate is adjusted during the interest-bearing period. 3.For an account that is closed before the interest settlement day, the interest is accrued until the day immediately before the closing day according to the interest rate publicly listed for demand deposits on the day of closing. 4.Interest is calculated with accumulated interest method according to the actual number of days.


1.Account is opened by producing valid identity certificates;

2.When an account is closed, the interest is settled along with the principal. Note: The true-name system is implemented for savings deposits.


You may hold your own identity certificate to open a personal account with any outlet of CGB. An agent acting on someone’s behalf needs also to produce his/her identity certificate.