Personal Housing Loan at Fixed Interest Rate

Brief Introduction

This is the service whereby the customer agrees with our bank on a fixed term when processing personal housing loan with our bank, during which the interest on the loan will always be calculated according to the interest rate agreed in the contract, meaning that the interest rate will remain unchanged (hereinafter referred to as "housing loan of fixed interest rate"); after the fixed term has expired, the loan interest rate and the cycle of renewed pricing will be determined as pre-agreed in the contract.


1.      The interest rate and the amount of monthly repayment are fixed: The product of fixed interest rate is free of the impact caused by the adjustment of interest rate made by the People’s Bank of China during the fixed term and will keep your amount of monthly repayment unchanged;

2.      Interest saving: In the same fixed term, the loan of fixed interest rate generates smaller expenditure of total interest that the loan of unfixed interest rate;

3.      Multiple terms for free selection: We provide a number of terms of fixed interest rate, which you can select of your own free will;

4.      Simple formalities. Fixed for several times: You may submit the application for fixed interest rate to our bank, and we can process fixed interest rate for your housing loan without any additional charge. When the fixed interest rate expires, you may still process the fixed interest rate at our bank at any time.

Interest Rate of Loan

To be implemented according to current CGB fixed rate. Please contact CGB outlets or customer service personnel for details.