"Shengyijin" Loan for Personal Business Start-up


This means the RMB working fund loans that are issued to natural persons against mortgaged houses for production and business operations.


1.      Customized package, standardized examination and approval, quick access to business funds;

2.      The loan can be used in cycle for repetitive borrowing and repayment within the loan term and under the credit line;

3.      A professional wealth management team provides you with the best loan program.

The applicant should

1.      be a natural person aged from 18 (included) to 65 with full capacity for civil acts, good health, a fixed domicile and business site in the local place and legal and valid identity certificate;

2.      Hold the business license and the operation permit of the relevant industry issued by the administration for industry and commerce, pursue legitimate production and business activities, have stable income and the ability to repay both the principal and interest;

3.      Have some own funds for business operations and offer the house accepted by this bank as collateral security for the loan;

4.      Use the loan for purposes that meet relevant state laws and our credit policy;

5.      Have opened a settlement account with this bank, settle operating income with this bank personally or through a related unit, or otherwise work with us in other matters (e.g. credit card business);

6.      Have good credit standing and no bad credit record;

7.      Use the residence, shop, office building or land of clearly established ownership and strong liquidity as collateral security for the loan, which should be evaluated by an evaluation agency accepted by our bank or our own evaluation team and be insured by an insurance company; 8.Meet other conditions we set down.

Information to be submitted

1.      Loan application (that covers the basic information of the applicant, amount of loan requested, term and purpose of loan, form of guaranty, source of funds for repayment and form of repayment) ;

2.      Identity certificate of borrower and spouse (including ID card, household register or other valid residence certificate, all in original), certificate of marital status, income and sources of income;

3.      Business license, code certificate, capital verification report, articles of association, taxation registration certificate, operation permit of the relevant industry, agreement, contract or other information that specifies the purpose of loan;

4.      Business tax return, current account or other written information that can prove the production and operation situation of the enterprise;

5.      Guaranty documents: original ownership certificate of the mortgaged property, certificate proving property co-owner’s approval of the mortgage, collateral evaluation report issued by the evaluation agency accepted by this bank or the written certificate issued by our own evaluation team;

6.      Other information we deem necessary.

Amount of loan

The maximum amount of loan is based on the residence, shop, office building or land offered by the borrower as collateral security Among them:

1.      The maximum credit line of housing mortgage loan shall be 70% of the appraisal value of the property.

2.      The maximum credit line of mortgage loan for commodity housing (shop or office) shall be 60% the appraisal value of the property.

Loan Term

The longest term can reach 5 years

Interest Rate of Loan

The interest rate shall be subject to the floating proportion of existing interest rate of our bank based on the existing benchmark interest rate for loan issued by People’s Bank of China.

Repayment Method

1.      Repayment Tool:

You may repay the loan by Licaitong Card, current passbook, or cash.

2.      Repayment Method:

(1)     Repay once a week

(2)     Repay twice a week

(3)     Repay once per month

(4)     Repay once per quarter

(5)     Repay once per half a year

(6)     Repay the principal and interest by instalments

(7)    Repay the interest by instalments and repay the principal when expires

(8)     Repay principal and interest as a lump sum when expires