"Sweet Home" Custody of Trading Funds for Second-hand Property


This is a credit intermediary service whereby our bank opens a special account for entrusted supervision of the trading funds for second-hand properties (in stock) or the buyer and seller separately open a special account for custody of trading funds so that the bank can complete the transfer of the trading funds as entrusted by the buyer and the seller according to relevant state laws, regulations and supervisory requirements as well as the conditions and flow specified in the agreement signed by the parties.


1.      Simplified and shortened application process; preferential interest rate;

2.      Flexible selection from multiple repayment methods;

3.      Senior CGB housing loan specialists provide one-stop quality services. 

The applicant should

The applicant should be the buyer and seller taking part in the trading of second-hand property (in stock).

The customer applying for this service should

1.      Hold legal and valid identity certificate or residence certificate;

2.      Have signed a true and valid Property Trading Contract as buyer or seller;

3.      Have obtained the Property Ownership Certificate for the property to be traded;

4.      Have opened a special account with our bank for custody of personal trading funds. 

Guide to operation

1.      Buyer and seller (intermediary agency) sign the property trading contract;

2.      Buyer and seller file an application with the bank for custody of funds and sign with the bank (intermediary agency) the Agreement on Custody of Trading Funds for Second-hand Property (in stock);

3.      Buyer saves the trading funds into the custody account in a lump or in installments;

4.      The bank Issues to the buyer a voucher proving that the trading funds have been saved into the custody account;

5.      Buyer and seller fulfill the formalities for trading and transfer of ownership;

6.      Seller applies to the bank for transfer of trading funds according to the conditions agreed in the agreement;

7.      The bank examines the elements of the application to decide whether the conditions for transfer of funds are met. If they are met, the bank will transfer the trading funds to the seller from the custody account.