"Sweet Home" Mortgage Loans for First-hand Property


This is a loan business whereby a homebuyer mortgages all the legitimate rights and interests of the first-hand property he/she has bought (for which no trading activity has occurred and complete property right has yet to be obtained) to the bank so that the bank can issue a loan according to a certain proportion of the price of the property trading contract, which will be repaid by the borrower in installments, including the accrued interest.


1.      Simplified and shortened application process; preferential interest rate;

2.      Flexible selection from multiple repayment methods;

3       Senior CGB housing loan specialists provide one-stop quality services.

The applicant should

1.      Has legal and valid identity certificate or certificate of residence;

2.      Be a worker, investor or resident in mainland China;

3.      Have legal and stable sources of income and the ability to repay the principal and interest of the loan on time;

4.      Have a good personal credit standing and no bad credit record;

5.      Have opened a settlement account with our bank and be willing to accept our credit supervision;

6.      Be able to provide the guaranty we accept or have the credit eligibility we have evaluated or accepted;

7.      Meet the other requirements we specify.

Information to be submitted

1.      Identity certificate of borrower;

2.      Evidentiary document proving the income or other debt-paying ability of the borrower;

3.      Marital status certificate (marriage license or singlehood certificate) ;

4.      Property trading contract or property purchase agreement;

5.      Prepayment voucher or certificate;

6.      Other documents and information we require.

Amount of loan

The maximum amount of loan will not exceed 80% of the price indicated in the property trading contract (excluding taxes and fees).

Term of loan

The maximum term can reach 30 years.

Interest rate of loan

The floating proportion of current interest rate of CGB shall be used based on the current benchmark interest rate for loans announced by the People's Bank.

Repayment Method

1.      Repayment Tool

Repayment may be made through Licaitong Card, demand deposit passbook or cash.

2.      Mode of repayment

(1)     Weekly installment;

(2)     Biweekly installment;

(3)     Monthly installment;

(4)     Quarterly installment;

(5)     Semiannual installment;

(6)     Repayment of principal and interest in installments;

(7)     Repayment of interest in installments and principal as it falls due;

(8)     Lump-sum repayment of principal and interest as they fall due.