“Flourishing Business”—Unsecured Personal Credit Loan (For business)


Personal Credit Loan for Business refers to the loan that is applied in personal name and used for production, business, and capital turnover.


1.      It needs no warranty and mortgage.

2.      It is easy to apply

3.      It is fast to release

4.      The credit line is high

5.      The experience employee for credit loan of China Guangfa Bank will provide you non-stop quality service.


1.      ID certificate of borrower

2.      Owner of privately or individually-owned business or enterprise, corporate legal person, or shareholder

3.      You shall have legal and stable income and capability to repay the principal and interest of loan on schedule

4.      Your personal credit shall be in good condition.

5.      Other requirements stipulated by our bank.

Materials for Submission

1.      ID certificate of borrower

2.      Income certificate of borrower or other certificate that can prove the capability of repayment

3.      Certificate of marital status (marriage certificate or certificate of unmarried)

4.      Certificate of loan purpose

5.      Other documents and materials required by our bank

Loan Term

The longest term can reach 3 years

Interest Rate of Loan

For details, please visit any site of our bank, or call the customer service hotline 400-830-8003

Case Sharing

Mr. Huang has owned and operated a private clothes shop for 10 years, and the sales volume per month can reach 400,000 to 500,000 yuan, and he has never loaned from bank. For the price of raw materials in domestic commodity market has decreased, so Mr. Huang wants to purchase a batch of raw materials valued 300,000 yuan in order to further increase his sales profit. However, Mr. Huang does not have any property for mortgage, so, when he knows that the “Flourishing Business” Personal Credit Loan launched by China Guangfa Bank can loan the capital for his turnover, Mr. Huang decides to consult matters related to such loan at the business site of China Guangfa Bank. After patient explanation and follow-up of customer manager, Mr. Huang has successfully obtained a sum of 300,000 yuan as unsecured credit loan for 3-year repayment term with equal amount of principal and interest. Based on the existing interest rate of China Guangfa Bank, the monthly repayment amount is 9,350 yuan and the monthly account management fee is 2,850 yuan (the rate is 0.95%). Therefore, Mr. Huang just needs to repay RMB 12,200 yuan per month. After obtaining the loan, the sales volume of Mr. Huang has increased 20%, and the profit per month has also increased 5%.