Characteristic Functions of the Homepage of Credit Card Version

My Account: You are provided with information about the credit card account added to your online banking, including the line of credit, current balance, and current reward points of the credit card and the due date of repayment, etc. You can also carry out relevant shortcut operation with buttons of Details, Repayment, Special Service, and Reward Point Redemption.

Financial Show Window: You are provided with information about the preferential activities and merchants offering preference. You can visit the detailed introduction to the preferential activities and merchants by clicking the links of Preferential Activities or Merchants.

My Transactions: You can check the recent consumption records and the information in all installment bills of his/her credit card through this column.

My Information: You are provided with the service of checking the information about your personal online banking, including custom portrait, customer name, reserved information in online banking, safety index grade, and previous login time, etc. You can also alter part of your personal information through this webpage to guarantee the account safety.

My Reminder: You are provided with reminders of matters to be handled, including the confirmation to be added on interconnection of online banking and the reminders of expiration of certificates, etc. You can also customize the reminders of personal online banking with the function of Online Banking Manager.