Overview of the Personal Online Banking Service

We provide you with the convenient, fast, safe, and highly-effectively 7*24-hour personal online banking service with powerful functions such as account management, transfer, remittance, Internet payment, and Internet treasure management, etc. You can directly log in to the personal online banking of GDB by using the account of GDB without having to register, and enjoy the convenience and superiority brought to you by IT and modern financial service. The low service charge is more considerate for you.

Business Functions

My Account: You are provided with functions such as account inquiry, account management, account addition, inquiry about activated businesses for the account, and interbank account management, etc.

Credit Card: You are provided with services such as inquiry about credit card, inquiry about account statements, inquiry about historical transactions, repayment for credit card, handling of automatic transfer, card management, payment by installment, management of reward points, and merchants offering preference, etc.

Transfer & Remittance: You are provided with multi-function services such as one-stop transfer, transfer in batches, transfer with the mobile phone number, transfer on appointment, collection of money for AA activities, and management of name list of payees, etc.

AA collection: Utilizing related functions of AA collection, request for payment is sent to the payer, status of collection and invitation for payment are inquired of, frequent contacts are administered and payers blacklist is set.

Online Payment: You are provided with powerful online payment function so that you can feel more convenient and safe when shopping online.

Payment of Fee: You are provided with convenient one-stop service for paying running expenses such as phone expenses, water rate, power fate, and gas fee.

Fund: You are provided with professional services such as inquiry about funds, application for purchase, redemption of fund, and time close-end investment, etc. In addition, you are provided with all-around information support for funds.

Precious Metal: You are provided with online inquiry about prices of gold, online opening of the personal account for the precious metal, online contract signing for the personal account for the precious metal, online transaction of the precious metal, and inquiry of transactions of the precious metal, etc.

Wealth Management Product: You are provided with services such as the appointment for and the application for purchase of a wealth management product and the cancellation of appointment and application for purchase, etc.

Deposit service: include online fixed deposits and call deposits inquiry and processing as well as value-adding deposits such as “Intelligent Deposit” and “Deposit of Automatic Interest Calculation”.

Third-party custody: 7*24-hour bank-securities transfer, transactions inquiry, reservation inquiry/cancellation, fund inquiry, personal information inquiry.

Personal loan: You are provided with two business items, namely, inquiry about the provided loan and trial calculation. Through the function of inquiry about the provided loan, you can inquire about the basic information about the provided loan, detailed information about the loan, repayment details, and repayment plan. In addition, you are also provided with detailed repayment information about a certain type of loan through the function of trial calculation of repayment.

Online Banking Manager: You are provided with personalized online banking services such as setting of online banking columns, subscription of messages, alteration of personal information, and management of shortcut menu, etc.

Help Center: The Help Center demonstrates the solutions to frequently asked questions and the inquiry about questions for you. Through the newly set up online customer service, you can directly contact the customer service personnel for quickly solving the encountered problems. Through the center, the time for solving problems is shortened and the customer satisfaction degree is improved.

Risk assessment: You are provided with the accurate and professional recognition assessment on your risk assumption ability, investment concept, and investment characteristics, etc.

Website Map: The Website Map demonstrates all the functional modules of personal online banking in an audio-visual way, thus facilitating you to inquire about the corresponding functions and to directly link to the corresponding webpage.

Bank Announcement: You are provided with the latest official information announced by GDB.