Service of online payment interbank settlement

Service Description

This business can provide our clients with the interbank online banking account management services.  With this service, you can use our online banking to realize interbank processing of multiple bank accounts, and keep abreast of the final processing results so as to eliminate the trouble of logging in the online banking system of one bank after another for you.  Its major functions include: interbank account inquiries, interbank account linking, interbank petty express and interbank capital accumulation, etc.

Function Description

Interbank account inquiries: Through our online banking, clients may check the balance and details of the interbank account of his own or others, and may quickly find out the funds in different bank accounts and the conditions of business handling.

Interbank account linking: Client may link the interbank account of his own or others to our online banking, to realize centralized management of the accounts scattered in different banks.

Interbank petty express: Through our online banking, client may achieve 7*24 hour interbank petty (50,000 yuan and below) real-time transfer.

Interbank capital accumulation: Through our online banking, client may issue the collection order (50,000 yuan and below) to the interbank account of his own or others, to achieve real-time centralization of inter-bank funds.

Note: To protect fund security and client information security, the inquiries about other bank accounts or the collection from other bank accounts shall be authorized online by the account holder.

Application Guide

Log in our online banking (, and select the "Bank Agreement" function.

According to business needs, sign online "Agreement on authorizing account inquiry", "Agreement on authorizing account payment agreement" and "Agreement on authorizing account opening bank interior service" respectively.

Determine online the account for service fee deduction and the deduction standard.

Based on business needs, set by yourself the inquires about other bank accounts through our online banking, interbank collection and acceptance of the requests of inquiries and collection initiated by other banks.