Announcement on the Number of Directors Changed Annually Over 1/3 of the Board of Directors of China Guangfa Bank Co., Ltd.



The Board of Directors and all directors of China Guangfa Bank Co., Ltd. ensure that the contents of this Announcement are free from any misrepresentation, misleading statement and material omission, and that they will assume joint and several liability for the truthfulness, accuracy and integrity of the contents.


The Bank has received the Reply of China Banking Regulatory Commission on the Post Qualification of Yin Yi etc. 4 persons from China Guangfa Bank (Yin Jian Fu [2016] No. 421) in recent days. In accordance with relevant provisions, Mr. Yin Yi, Mr. Zhao Lijun, Mr. Cai Chengwei and Mr. Tang Xiaoqing will serve as Director of the Board of Directors of the Bank from December 23, 2016 (Mr. Yin Yi will serve as Vice President of the Bank at the same time). Previously,the Bank had received the Reply of the Post Qualification of 3 Directors in this year. Till now in this year, the number of the directors changed has reached over one-third of the Directors in the Board of Directors of the Bank.

It is hereby announced.



Board of Directors, China Guangfa Bank Co., Ltd.

December 30, 2016