Announcement on Secretary to the Board of Directors Appointment of China Guangfa Bank Co., Ltd.


The Board of Directors and all directors of China Guangfa Bank Co., Ltd. ensure that the contents of this Announcement are free from any misrepresentation, misleading statement and material omission, and that they will assume joint and several liability for the truthfulness, accuracy and integrity of the contents.


Recently, the Bank received the resignation letter from Mr. Zhu Yingyu, who proposed to resign from the position of Secretary to the Board of Directors due to work arrangement. After nomination by Chairman of the Board Wang Bin, the Bank convened the Second Extraordinary Meeting in 2019 of the Eighth Board of Directors on June 25 2019, and appointed Mr. Li Guangxin as Secretary to the Board of Directors of the Bank. According to relevant regulations, Mr. Li Guangxin’s qualification is still subject to the approval of China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, with the same tenure as that of the Eighth Board of Directors.


The Board of Directors would like to express its gratitude to Mr. Zhu Yingyu for his contribution to the Bank during his tenure of service.


It’s hereby announced.


Board of Directors, China Guangfa Bank Co., Ltd.

June 28, 2019


Resume of Mr. Li Guangxin


Li Guangxin, Male, Han nationality, born in January 1972, member of the Communist Party of China, holds a Ph.D. in Economics.


Mr. Li is Secretary to the Board of Directors (qualification to be approved) and a member of the CPC Committee of the Bank.


From July 1994 to May 2016, Mr. Li served in Bank of Communications successively as: Deputy Director of Planning Division of Lianyungang Branch (in charge of daily operations), President of Haizhou Central Sub-branch, Deputy Director of Planning and Finance Division of Jiangsu Province Branch (in charge of daily operations), Deputy General Manager of International Business Department (in charge of daily operations), Member of the CPC Committee and Vice President of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Branch, Secretary of the CPC Committee and President of Xiamen Branch, General Manager of Ho Chi Minh City Branch. From June 2016 to May 2019, he served in Huaxia Bank successively as: Secretary of the CPC Committee and President of Shanghai Branch, General Manager of Strategic Development Department of Head Office.