Outward Documentary Bills

Product Introduction

Outward Documentary Bills refers to a short-term loan granted by our bank based on the pledge of the receivable corresponding to the export vouchers, after you have shipped the goods and submitted the vouchers required by the L/C or contract to CGB. This loan bases the first payment source on the received export payment; if the overseas letter-issuing bank or overseas buyer refuses to make the payment, CGB has the recourse over the exporter.

Product Features

1.It enables you to get a short-term loan after you have shipped the goods and before you receive the goods payment, so that you can speed up export capital turnover.

2.It enables you to give a longer payment term to your overseas trade counterpart, and in the mean time you can make quicker payment to manufacturers or raw material suppliers in China, thus you can seek for more trade opportunities, have better upper hands in negotiation, and get more preferential prices.

3.It saves financial costs. You can select a loan currency according to the interest rates of different currencies, thus minimizing financial costs.

4.The foreign exchange payment can be settled earlier, thus the risks in exchange rate can be avoided.

Our Commitments

1.Our bank can provide export loans under various settlement manners, which specifically include export loan under L/C, export loan under collection, and export loan under remittance, thus meeting your needs for loans under various settlement manners.

2.Loan under L/C can be divided into loan with nonconforming points and loan without nonconforming points, in which a loan without nonconforming points (or although it has some nonconforming points, they have been accepted by the letter-issuing bank) will not occupy your credit line, or our bank will give a higher line, as long as the vouchers you submit meet our bank’s requirements, the loan can be granted on the same date at the soonest. Its processing is handy.

3.If the export vouchers you submit under the L/C, collection or remittance category include a bill of cargo property rights (mainly referring to the marine bill of lading or united transportation bill of lading issued by a transportation company with a good reputation), our bank can grant you an export loan under the cargo property rights controlled category without requiring you to provide guarantee in other manner.

4.Even if the vouchers you submit do not include a bill of cargo property rights, as long as you submit the voucher under the L/C or collection category, or if you can provide a document such export custom declaration form to prove the authenticity of the trade, our bank can grant you an export loan under the cargo property rights uncontrolled category after our bank has verified that the payment bank or payer has a good payment record. The verification procedure is handy.

5.The loan can be released in RMB or the received payment currency; you can freely select a loan currency according to the interest rates of various currencies; if the loan is a foreign currency loan, our bank can immediately settle it upon your request.

6.Our settlement experts provide you with quality professional international settlement services to ensure that your voucher settlement operation meets international practices, and that our examination of the vouchers under the L/C category meet international bank standards, so you will feel more comfortable about payment reception.

Kind Reminders

Every time you apply for a loan on credit, you need to provide our bank with a complete set of export commercial vouchers, then our bank will send out the vouchers for payment collection.