Pre-shipment Financing

Product Introduction

Pre-shipment Financing means that the exporter applies for the special short-term financing for the purpose of preparing goods for export based on the export contract or order, and promises to submit the documents to CGB after export and to transfer the export accounts receivables to CGB in order to repay the financing funds with foreign exchange earnings.

Product Features

1.      It solves the problem that you are sure about whether or not you can take the order because you are short of money; it helps you develop your business smoothly and seek for more trade opportunities.

2.      Such links as purchase, processing, production and transportation ease your current capital pressure.

Our Commitments

1.      It provides an advance based on the order or trade contract verified; its processing is simple;

2.      The advance amount can be up to 80% of the contract amount;

3.      The advance can be made in various currencies: if you purchase goods in China, our bank can provide an advance in RMB; if you need to import materials from a foreign country, our bank can directly provide an advance in foreign exchange;

4.      It suits your needs for various settlement manners for preparing goods; our bank can, at a discount shipping advance line, issue a bank acceptance bill, import L/C, or domestic L/C to you, or directly remit the advance into the supplier’s account according to you instruction;

5.      The advance term is determined according to the payment reception term specified in the contract, can be up to 180 days;

6.      After you have shipped the goods and submitted related vouchers to our bank, you can apply for an outward bill, which is used to pay back the loan financed before shipping.

Kind Reminders

1.      Please provide our bank with the export sales contract/order and the procurement contract.

2.      The overseas importer shall be an enterprise with a well-known reputation or a good credit standing, or a partner whom you have cooperated with for many years and for whom you can provide a record of trades between you and this partner of yours (including shipment and payment reception information). Otherwise, our bank suggests that you buy the before shipping insurance under the export L/C.

3.      You shall submit the export vouchers under the financing category to our bank.

4.      Please press your overseas importer to make payment according to the payment manner specified in the contract. Otherwise, the reuse of your credit line will be affected.