Ownership Certificate Financing Product

Service Overview

It means that the pledgor pledges its legal ownership certificates (including warehouse receipt, B/L or other valid vouchers to take delivery of goods) to CGB in order to apply for financing, which specifically comprise such financing products as B/L pledge, standard warehouse receipt pledge with advance plus B/L pledge, and non-standard warehouse receipt pledge, etc.


1.      With ownership certificate as carrier, the standardized business process, business operation and management become smoother;

2.      The standard warehouse receipt financing mode include loan after pledge with standard warehouse receipt, loan before pledge, and repayment of loan upon delivery, etc. Among them, loan before pledge and repayment of loan upon delivery are the new products;

3.      Non-standard warehouse receipt financing mode include such new-brand business modes as “Storage Trade Banking”, standard and non-standard warehouse receipt pledge interchange, etc.;

4.      Warehouse receipt financing products have covered both the spot market and the futures market, connecting the upstream and downstream financing channels.

Business Process(Take traditional warehouse receipt financing for example)

1.      The storage company signs and issues the warehouse receipt based on the goods stored by the owner (borrower);

2.      The applicant applies to CGB for financing by pledging the warehouse receipt;

3.      After CGB approves the application, the borrower and CGB signs the Loan Contract and the Warehouse Receipt Pledge Contract, etc.;

4.      The owner endorses the pledge with the warehouse receipt. After the warehouse signs and seals the endorsement, the original warehouse receipt will be delivered and pledged to CGB. Then, CGB will release the financing loan per rata based on the value of the warehouse receipt;

5.      Goods under the warehouse receipt will be kept and supervised by the storage company;

6.      When the owner need to take delivery of the goods under the warehouse receipt, the owner shall pay additional margin or provide new B/L to CGB, which will issue the house B/L to the owner based on the received amount after approval. The warehouse will deliver the goods after verification. The debtor’s product and capital can be negotiated normally.

Our Commitments

1.      We can offer efficient, swift and standardized financing services;

2.      Generally, you can get the financial limit at 70% of the warehouse receipt value for up to one year;

3.      When you need the goods, you can redeem the documents and take delivery of the goods at any time.

Kind Reminders

The warehouse receipt items must be verified by CGB. The warehouse receipt shall be legal, valid, complete in right and free of defects, and shall not have been pledged to a third party.