Manufactory-Distributor-Bank and Manufactory-Manufactory-Bank tri-party cooperation

Product Overview

The Manufactory-Distributor-Bank/Manufactory-Manufactory-Bank credit granting service means that CGB grants the credit to the distributor/downstream manufactory of the product with the upstream product manufactory providing the guarantee (defined payment or commodity buy-back or joint responsibility guarantee).


1.        The bank, the upstream manufactory and the distributor/downstream manufactory sign the agreement.

2.        Bank will pay the loans or notes to manufacturers according to the size of the distributor and the distributor’s application.

3.        According to the agreement, dealers will deposit the sales payment in the bank, and the bank will issue shipping instructions to the manufacturer for a considerable amount.

4.        After dealers deposit all the sales payment in the bank account, all the goods under bank credit will belong to dealers. In case the dealer does not take delivery in full before due date of bank credit, the upstream manufacturers shall be subject to payment according to the agreement or joint responsibility.


Features and advantages of prepayment financing

Bank credit for Manufacturer, dealer, and bank or for manufacturer, plant, and dealers mean that dealers rely on the reputation and strength of upstream manufacturers and obtain bank credit. The upstream manufacturers need to fulfill the responsibility for contractual payments or commodity repurchase, or joint responsibility.

For upstream manufacturer: reduces the debt proportion of the manufactory, reduces the corporate financial cost, improves the product competitiveness; greatly reduces the account receivables, greatly speeds up the capital return; supports the manufactory to expand the sales rapidly; further understands the credit status and financial status of the distributor through the close cooperation with the bank.
For downstream distributors and manufactories: Obtains the distribution right or general distribution right, obtains more rebates from the manufactory; solves the difficulty of the distributor in financing guarantee, obtains the financing from the bank and effectively expands the sales

Our commitment

We provide you with the customer credit investigation, commercial contract review, goods flow tracking, notice on commodity arrival at station/port.
You only need to pay a certain proportion of deposit margins to buy back the goods from the manufactory, which saves the operation funds, obtains more discounts from the upstream manufactory, obtains more business opportunities and increases the fund usage efficiency

Kind Reminders

In order to have the close coordination from upstream manufacturers and sign the tripartite or quadripartite agreements, manufacturers usually undertake repurchase obligation, joint and several guarantee or payment obligations.