Account receivables "pool" financing

Product Overview

The account receivables pool financing means that the seller has a stable trading relation with multiple specific buyers and that the account receivables are maintained above a certain balance. The seller gathers the scattered daily account receivables, forms them into an account-receivables “pool” and transfers it to the bank. After verifying it, the bank grants the loan based on a certain proportion.

Features and advantages

Account receivables “pool” financing: Compared with the operation mode where a single batch (transaction) of account receivables correspond to a single transaction and the corresponding financing should be repaid after the account receivables are collected, the account receivable pool financing breaks away from the restriction on the amount and time limit over a single transaction of account receivables, better meets the financing needs of the enterprise, reduces the fund management difficulty of the enterprise, prevents frequent procedures for out-account and repayment, saves the labor costs for the bank and the enterprise and improves the working efficiency.

Benefits of account receivables financing for buyer

While the supplier (seller) obtains the financing support from the bank, the account receivables financing also gives great supports to the buyer: facilitating the buyer to further use the credit sale to purchase commodities, which reduces funds used and increases procurement capacity; facilitating the obtaining of more favorable price conditions and reducing the supply cost; facilitating the obtaining of a less stringent payment period and improving the efficiency and competitiveness of the supply chain; obtaining the credit line granted by the bank by relying on its good credit and financial performance and without providing the pledge.

Our commitment

1.        Term of financing will not be limited to the term of accounts receivable, and can be up to one year.

2.        We provide you with such comprehensive financial services as trade financing, account receivables management, overdue receivables and guarantee against bad debts

3.        The category of loans covers those specified in domestic and international trade financing list and meet the full range of movable property financing needs of enterprises.

Kind Reminders

1.        The supplier’s account receivables against the specific buyer shall be subject to the confirmation and regular account checking of the buyer.

2.        You must fulfill your obligations under the purchase and sale contract and provide documents as required by our bank certifying the true trading relations and debtor-creditor relations between the two parties, including but not limited to the supply contract, VAT invoice and freight certificate.

3.        The account receivables shall have the property nature, assignability, specificality and timeliness;