Leasing Factoring

Product Introduction

Leasing Factoring refers to that the bank acts as an factoring agent, and in accordance with the factoring contract signed with leasing companies, the leasing company will transfer the outstanding rentals receivable equity under the releasing contract to CGB, and CGB will pay the leasing companies a certain percentage of financing funds and charge the lessee rental directly as assignee of the rental claim.

Business Features

CGB’s leasing factoring support includes operating leasing, structured leasing, sale and leaseback, and other leasing businesses with an option to continue a recourse or non-recourse factoring.


1.        Leasing factoring can help device manufacturers for sales.

2.        For the lessee, function of tax savings, statements optimization, and assets management can be achieved

3.        For the leasing companies, financing functions can be achieved.

Applicable to

1.        Enterprises with equipment modification or purchase demand but of a temporary fund shortage

2.        Enterprises with higher proportion of fixed assets and with statements optimization, tax evasion, and capital increase demand.