Complete Import Goods Property Right Pledge Credit Granting Business

Product Introduction

Based on our series products such as the issuance and advance of the L/C for the pledge of the property right of future goods, the granting of credit for the pledge of the cargo property right under the import collection category, and the granting of credit for the pledge of the property right of imported ready goods, our bank provides import enterprises with the granting of credit for the pledge of the cargo property rights that cover the entire process.

Product Features

This business is especially suitable for medium- and small-sized enterprises that import bulky goods, professional import trade companies that have stable sales channels, and large import enterprises that want to enhance the financial leverage effect and lower the guarantee pledge cost.

Product Advantages

1.Credit granting service that bases pledge on the cargo property right in import trade; no extra guarantee or pledge required;

2.At present, our bank has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with high-quality large logistics enterprises such China Foreign Transportation Company, China Storage Company, China Long Distance Material Circulation Company, and China Long Distance Cargo Transportation Company, which provide more choices for your logistics service;

3.As the first commercial bank to carry out the chattel right pledge business in China, our bank has rich operating experiences;

4.This business supports multiple settlement manners such as L/C and import collection;

5.A wide range of products covered, including oil products, chemical products, nonferrous metals, ferrous metals, coal and steel;

6.Our bank provides you with services such as customer credit standing investigation, business contract examination, goods flow tracking, and notice on arrival at the port.

Kind Reminders

For us to provide you with a more suitable financing plan, please introduce your conditions to our customer manager as much as possible, so that we can fully understand such information as your trade counterpart, historical trade record, and imported goods.