Import Refinance

Product Introduction

Import Refinance refers to a short-term financing manner that under the precondition that the exporter pays the financing charge, as applied by the importer, CGB designates the other bank to pay the import payment to the exporter on behalf of the importer.

Product Features

1.It is an outward demand payment, but the actual payment is delayed, so that you meet the demand payment requirement of the supplier without using your own fund; you can receive the goods in a timely fashion, get more time to finish production and sale, and pay back the paid payment after you have got the proceeds of goods sale.

2.It uses the bank fund to pay the goods payment to the supplier on demand, thus it promotes your commercial credit standing, and you can get more preferential prices.

3.It fully utilizes bank fund to reduce the occupation of your own funds, thus you can have more trade opportunities.

4.It utilizes the fund of banks at home and abroad to lower the financing cost.

Our Commitments

1.Our bank can handle the agency payment business under all international settlement manners such as L/C, import collection and remittance.

2.By fully utilizing the advantages of the extensive agency bank network of our bank and the Macau Branch Bank – an overseas branch bank of our bank abroad, according to the situation of the capital markets at home and abroad as well as the interest rates of various banks, our bank can select an overseas bank or a domestic bank that suits you the best to make the agency payment for you, and save money for you as much as possible.

3.According to your capital recycling time, our bank can provide you with the most suitable import agency payment term.

4.If the goods you exported meets the requirements of our bank for chattel pledge, our bank can, after our bank has finished the processing of goods pledge and custody related procedures, select a bank to make the agency payment for you without otherwise guarantee pledge provided by you.

5.If the buyer of the goods you exported has powerful strengths, you can transfer or pledge the receivable payment to our bank, then our bank selects a bank to make the agency payment for you without otherwise guarantee pledge provided by you.

Kind Reminders

1.There must be a genuine export trade background. The payment conditions specified by the State Foreign Exchange Management Bureau shall be met.

2.Commercial vouchers such as invoice and bill of lading under the L/C or collection must be submitted to our bank directly by the overseas bank. For the agency payment under the remittance settlement manner, you must submit such vouchers as the customs declaration form and invoice to our bank, and our bank will verify the customs declaration form on the Internet.

3.After the goods under the import category is sold, the proceeds gained from goods sale shall be immediately saved as the deposit margin for agency payment, which is used to pay back the agency payment, shall not be used for other purposes.