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This statement contains terms and conditions of Please read this statement before you use this Website. By assessing this site or any pages thereof, you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions. If you continue to use this site after such terms and conditions are revised, you shall be deemed as accepting such revised terms and conditions.


1.        The information and materials contained in this site, including text, tables, graphics, audios, videos, links or other items, are for reference only, not for basis for your decision. You are responsible for any decision you make in reference to any of the content contained herein. The Bank does not assume any liability for any loss or damage incurred by depending on all or part of the information or materials contained on this site.

2.        The Internet transmission may be disturbed, interrupted or delayed, and data transmitted may be incorrect. The Bank shall not assume any liability for the inaccuracy or delay in the data and transaction caused by failures in the communication facilities beyond the control of our bank.

3.        We do not guarantee absolute confidentiality of the information transmitted by means of the Internet. The Bank shall not assume any liability for the delay, loss, change, alteration or error arising from information you submitted to our bank or our bank send you by means of the Internet.

4.        Certain part of the information contained on this Website is provided by other organizations, institutions or individuals. We quote, present or represent such third party information for your reference only. The Bank shall not be deemed as agreeing to, recommending, recognizing or promoting ideas, data or other information contained in such materials.

5.        Certain part or pages on this site may contain separate terms and conditions supplementing this statement. If any conflict arising between the two, the terms and conditions contained in such part or pages shall prevail where such part or pages are concerned.

Rights of the Website

1.        All information, materials provided herein or any information and materials the Website supplies to you at your request shall be the property of CGB (hereinafter the “Bank”) or other related parties. No body or party may duplicate or otherwise appropriate such information and materials without permission from our bank or other related parties.

2.        The Bank has al the rights to intellectual properties contains on this Website. Software or documents provided for customers to download on this Website can be downloaded or used only in the manner allowed by this Website, not for any other scope of use or commercial purposes.

3.        The links to the addresses of software or documents the Website provides only for the convenience of the user. The user shall observe the terms and conditions for the use of the software or documents prescribed by the owner of the software or documents in use of the same.

4.        We quote, present or represent third party information strictly in accordance with the relevant laws and regulation and the principles stipulated by legal authorities concerning intellectual properties. Anyone finding any infringement of rights of a third party in the content of this Website please contact our bank so that such infringement can be properly and timely addressed within the scope responsibility of our bank, if such infringement can be verified.

5.        This website-related business and product description content is for reference only. CGB reserves the right to interpret the above content within the scope permitted by law. Some business will be subject to the bulletin and specific provisions of local outlets.

Policy on links to other Websites

1.        The Website may provide links to other Websites on the Internet. We include such links for your reference and browse only. We seek to select and include reputable Websites and sources of information. However, except otherwise expressly stated that cooperative relationship is established between our bank and such third party, the inclusion of such links to third party Websites shall not be deemed as our bank’s consent, recommendation, recognition, guarantee or promotion of any information, products or services provided by any third party or on any third party Websites.

2.        The Bank shall not assume any liability for the accuracy, adequacy, reliability, timeliness or completeness of the Websites or content on such Websites links to which are included herein. The Bank does not assume any liability for the difficulty customers encounter when downloading software or documents from such Websites or any loss or damage arising therefrom. 3.We may also include links to Website outside the same jurisdiction as our bank is in, for your convenience. Information, services or products supplied through such Websites may be available to those belonging to the same jurisdiction only. You are advised to read the terms and conditions for the use of such Websites before your use. 4.The Bank is not responsible for the establishment and setup of links from a third party Website to this Website. Except that our bank has otherwise expressly stated that cooperative relationship is established between our bank and such third party, any links to this site shall not be deemed as our bank’s establishment of a cooperative relationship of our bank with such third party or our bank’s recognition of such links. The Bank assumes no reliability for any loss or damage arising from use of such links.

Privacy and confidentiality policy

1.        The Bank collects only information which our bank considers necessary for assessing your financial needs and carrying out business transactions.

2.        The Bank will use the above-mentioned information for ensuring the safety of your fund, learning about your financial needs and the conduction of the business transaction, with the view of providing you with products and customer services of better quality.

3.        The Bank implements strict security system to prevent any unauthorized person and institutions, including staff members of our bank to access your information.

4.        The Bank will keep information your supply strictly confidential and disclose it to a third party only if such disclosure meets any of the following conditions:

(1)       You have permitted the disclosure;

(2)       The product or service you require can be provided only with the information disclosed;

(3)       The information is disclosed as required by the law;

(4)       The information is disclosed as required by a government agency, a legal authority or its agency;

(5)       The information is disclosed as the supervising authority of our bank requires;

(6)       The disclosure is deemed necessary for publicity, editing or disclosure by our bank.

5.        The Bank will require its agencies, staff members or any third party to keep your information obtained with permission from our bank in strict confidentiality. 6.Our bank will make every best effort to assure the accuracy and timeliness of your information and provide convenience for you to update your information.

Revision and interpretation

1.        The Bank reserves the right to revise and interpret this Statement.

2.        No advanced notice will be given for any revision of this Statement.

3.        If you continue to use this Website after this Statement is revised, you will be deemed as having accepted such revision.

China Guangfa Bank
September 25, 2009