Trade Financing Product Overview

CGB "Trade Financing"supply chain financing service can offer financing solutions for both the core enterprises in the supply chain and the supporting upstream and downstream enterprises in order to meet the needs. CGB "Trade  Financing"focuses on the supply chain integration and the value chain management, and integrates and manages the funds, commodity and information in the trade link through managing and controlling the cash flow, the logistics and the information flow, so as to form the new supply chain financing concept. The "Trade Financing"products include:

Export Trade Financing Products

Pre-shipment Financing Packaged loan Outward Documentary Bills Documentary Credit under Export Credit Insurance Export Factoring Forfeiting Export Rebate Account Trusteeship Loan

Import Trade Financing Products

Import Bill Advance Import Refinance Complete Import Goods Property Right Pledge Credit Granting Business Shipping Guarantee Guarantee and Standby L/C

Accounts Receivables Financing Products

Financing backed by A/R Pledge Domestic Factoring Account Receivables Financing under Domestic Credit Insurance

Inventory Financing Products

Warehouse Warrant Pledge-backed Credit Facility Chattel Collateralization-backed Credit Facility Chattel Pledge-backed Credit Facility

Advanced Payment Financing Products

Manufactory-Distributor-Bank and Manufactory -Manufactory-Bank Tripartite Cooperation Credit Granting Manufactory-Distributor-Bank -Warehouse Four-party Cooperation Credit Granting

Characteristic Financing Products

Accounts Receivable Pool Financing Leasing Factoring Domestic L/C